Factory One gives recognition to its first cohorts of manufacturing SMEs

January 23, 2022 News 0 Comments

Doha, Qatar – 23 January 2022: Factory One, the region’s first model factory, has given recognition to its first graduating cohorts of the Learn and Transform and Kaizen Journey programs that aim to introduce and implement the principles of lean manufacturing in industrial companies.

Operating since early 2021 with the launch of Learn and Transform and Kaizen Journey programs, Factory One hails the region as the first-of-its-kind industrial capability center based in Qatar, now running at full strength with a wide variety of services and programs. The center has been established in collaboration with Qatar Development Bank, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as its strategic partner and McKinsey & Company to bring world-class experience in lean operations to power local manufacturing industries. A broad spectrum of capability-building and SME transformation programs are delivered at the center, offering local manufacturers the opportunity to advance their efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage.

The Learn and Transform cohort included seven companies namely, Excel Metal Industries, Westbay Ice & Water Factory (Aseel), Qatar National Plastic, Al Zaini Converting Industries, Integrated Paper Products, Al Jaber Steel and Don Construction Products; as well as five SMEs in the Kaizen Journey namely, Alurays, Colosseum Doha, Al Wajba Dairy, Arabian Duct Factory, and Paper Cut Factory.

The companies who completed the Learn and Transform program reported an improvement in their productivity by at least 20%, with some exceeding 120%. Collectively, they succeeded in saving operating costs amounting to QAR 3 million, while increasing revenues by at least 10%, according to the statistics and performance indicators measured throughout the training period.

Graduates of the Kaizen Journey program also reported an increase in productivity by measures varying from 25% to 150%, with a significant decrease in waste and change over time, an improvement in processing and assembly efficiency that was achieved through the implementation of Just in Time and Yamazumi principles.

Mr. Abdulrahman Hesham Al-Sowaidi, the acting CEO of QDB, stated:

“We are extremely proud to announce the graduating cohorts of Factory One who join us from different industries, yet with one goal in common: to implement the revolutionary methods of lean production within their manufacturing SMEs. Hand in hand with our strategic partner, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and McKinsey & Company, whom we thank greatly, Factory One is determined to embed the foundations of lean transformation to facilitate SMEs in the region. We would also like to highlight the prominent role that Factory One will play in enabling local manufacturing companies to reach new horizons in the world of manufacturing and enhance their products’ competitive advantage.”

Currently, Factory One offers four trainings and programs that range from Introduction to Lean to the Learn and Transform Program – a hands-on training program on implementing these concepts on-ground. Manufacturing SMEs can select the training program that suits them best while also being able to have programs tailored to their specific needs. More information about the programs are available at Factory One’s website www.factoryone.qa.

With the enormous potential to power manufacturing SMEs in the region, Factory One is the latest in a string of initiatives under the belt of the QDB who is at the frontline of supporting Qatari SMEs, startups, and the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs across numerous sectors. Carrying a rich legacy, Qatar Development Bank remains a key player in the economic development of the country and instrumental in driving growth across diverse sectors of the economy, aligning with the sustainable development goals under the Qatar National Vision 2030.