What is Lean Production?

Lean production is a Japanese-inspired concept in manufacturing that aims to eliminate waste in production (e.g. waiting, reworking, unnecessary transportation, unused inventory, defects…) while maximizing product quality and value-added to customer. Lean companies will achieve notable reduction in costs, increase in capacity and product quality; hence they will become more competitive within the industry.

Lean manufacturing trainings that are offered by model factories include both theoretical and experiential learning modules. With a focus on the experiential aspect of learning, this method has proven to be more effective than traditional training programs and consulting services, significantly boosting innovation and output in a cost-effective manner.

In crisis situations, such as the post-Covid scenario, lean principles can be extremely useful in helping manufacturing SMEs adapt their operations (e.g., re-layout of facilities, work planning) and get back on track to productivity.

A Lean Operating System…